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Planting Flowers of Hope for Cultivating Global Talents2019년 04월 05일 [ 198 ]

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Faculties, students, and International students of Kosin University welcomed the spring by planting colorful flowers around Yeongdo Campus on Friday 5th April in hopes of growing dreams and hopes for the mission work worldwide.

Despite the chilly weather, the faculties and students became one and planted spring flowers like margaret, begonia, tulips and lilies that would color Yeongdo campus.

Grace, a Kenyan exchange student who participated in the event said "The shape of the hoe looked interesting. I am very excited to see that the flowers we planted will bloom brightly." President Ahn Min who joined the event encouraging the faculties and the students, that it is beautiful to see the faculties and students planting flowers with love and care in preserving nature that God has given.



Kosin University finished planting flowers hoping to fulfill its mission as a world-mission-centered university.



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