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Kosin University, University Job Center Provided AI Competency Test Si…2020년 12월 01일 [ 220 ]

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University Job Center at Kosin University, Chief Kim Jong-min, is carrying out a project with Yeongdo-gu, District Mayor Kim Cheol-hoon, and Yeongdo-gu Social Welfare Center, Director Seon Byeong-kwon, to support local youth who are preparing for employment by providing AI competency testing (interview) simulation and consulting.

Anyone who is preparing for employment can receive the service by making a reservation at the Yeongdo-gu Office (051-419-4482). A visiting service (interview and consulting) is also available for educational institutions or organizations that want a group AI competency test (interview). The project was held at the Da:Irum Center, the third floor of Busan Jeju Special Autonomy Resident Community Center in Daegyo-dong, Yeongdo-gu, for a month from November 19 to December 18.

For the project, the University Job Center provides AI competency enhancement (interview) simulation and consulting support, Yeongdo-gu is in charge of local youth promotion and operational support such as application reception, and Yeongdo-gu Social Welfare Center is in charge of supporting space and promoting youth in the Youth Hope Challenge. Relevant organizations are working together to support local youth employment.

One of the staffs of the University Job Center said that “We hope that the AI competency test (interview) simulation will serve as an opportunity for local youth to effectively prepare for non-face-to-face online video interview and AI competency test (interview) at the job sites and strengthen their interview skills. We are planning to continue to serve as a close, win-win, and base university job center to improve youth employment rates in Yeongdo, Seo-gu and Jung-gu, the original city centers of Busan.



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