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Post-COVID Era, Job Festival with Kosin Family Business2020년 11월 12일 [ 218 ]

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Kosin University Job Center, Chief Kim Jong-min, held the ‘2020 Kosin Job Festival,’ a job festival with family business during the post-COVID era, at the Creative Square Area of the University Job Center from Wednesday, 11
th to Thursday, 12th with both online and offline.



This event, which was held as a job festival with family business in the post-COVID era, was divided into youth employment policy promotion and counseling, live consulting and special lectures for on and off jobs, and 2020 KOSIN Best Women Day (non-face-to-face) live special lecture. Personal hygiene rules for the prevention of COVID-19 had been thoroughly observed, actively cooperated with quarantine guidelines, rules of conduct and measures, and set a visit time for each college in advance, and operated in compliance with them.




In the youth employment policy promotion and counseling section, AI interview solution, caricature, and personal color test were conducted, and received great response from students. In the job counseling booths, companies and organizations such as NCS ‘JN Plus Company,’ media ‘Busan Far East Broadcasting,’ service ‘Air China,’ management planning ‘Human Resources and Future Education Research Institute,’ medical/health ‘Saha Dementia Ansim Center,’ and trade/distribution ‘Hanjin GLS’ were joined. In addition, executives were invited for each job; performance planning ‘Busan City Arts Organization,’ IT/Internet ‘The Taekwondo,’ Medical/Health ‘Chaeum Psycholinguistics Sensory Integration Development Center,’ education/consultation ‘Hanyang University’ gave special lectures. In addition, various prizes, such as AirPods, were provided to students participating in the festival through air lottery ball machine and roulette events.


Hong So-yeong, Director of the Career Employment Support Center, said “It was conducted to help not only the current students of Kosin University but also local youth and specialized high schools understand the changes in the employment environment as well as to reestablish their perception of employment by promoting youth employment policies. In particular, this Job Festival tried to establish local youth governance in the post-COVID era by providing professional AI interview solutions and inviting female CEO for special lectures for female college students in order to inspire their interest.


Lee Kyeong-ah, senior year Occupational Therapy Major, who visited the Job Festival commented that “I am preparing to become a therapist at the Children Development Center, and job counseling such as JN Plus Company was very helpful. Also, I was able to participate more happily by winning the AirPods in the lottery.”




The ‘Kosin Job Festival,’ organized by Kosin University Job Center, Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Busan Metropolitan City, provides not only current students of Kosin University, but also graduates, local youth and high school students to understand changes in the employment environment, and provides consultation and special lectures for various career exploration. It is held every year to collect employment information and improve detailed practical skills.




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