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The Completion Ceremony for the Institute of Korean Language IKLE 2018…2019년 03월 08일 [ 208 ]

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The Institute of Korean Language Education (IKLE -Dean Shin-Hyun Park) held its ‘2018 Winter Semester Completion Ceremony’ on the second floor of World Mission Center at 10 am on Friday, March 8th 2019.



The IKLE students and instructors attended the ceremony, with a total of 36 students completing the course. The Overall Prize for the first semester went to Nguyen Thi Cuong. First Prize went to Hoang Anh Mai and Nguyen Dinh Nhat, and the second prize went to Dinh Thi Ha and Tran Thi Hien.



The Dean Shin-Hyun Park acknowledged the effort shown by the students this past semester. He said that he is also looking forward to the development of International students with more effort to challenge and encourage their hearts to be strong and adventurous .



Two of the students’ gave a brief speech. Tran Phuoc Mien Truong, a Vietnamese General Graduate School student, gave a speech with the title of “Living a Virtuous Korean Life and Future Preparation.” He shared his experiences in Korea with other students and encouraged them.



Nguyen Tien Dat, a student who has just completed the course from Vietnam, commented that he felt the warmth and love not only from the teachers but also from everyone at Kosin University, and he will continue to study Korean even more in the future. Students who have completed the program will begin their intermediate course of Korean language for 10 weeks as the first semester of the 2019 academic year, starting March 25th.




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