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Professor Hwang Hyun-yong, Selected at the 27th Uidang Academic Award2020년 10월 21일 [ 325 ]

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Hwang Hyun-yong, a professor of Laboratory Medicine at Kosin University Gospel Hospital (Director Choi Yeong-sik), was selected at the 27th Uidang Academic Award, jointly organized by the Korean Medical Association (Chairman Choi Dae-jip), and the Uidang Academic Foundation (CEO Kim Dong-kook, honorary professor at Hanyang University and sponsored by Hansae Yes24 Holdings).

The KMA and the UAF explained why he was selected for the award saying, “Professor Hwang is an expert in laboratory medicine who has been engaged in anti-cancer drug sensitivity evaluation techniques for 12 years. He is also actively participating in medical education to foster younger students, and has an excellent mind to pioneer new fields. Moreover, his attitude of devotion to the fundamental development of medical technology is an example of the medical world.”

The KMA received four excellent representative thesis through the 2020 Uidang Academic Awards announcement. Then the members of the Academic Committee selected the final thesis after conducting a rigorous screening through the reviewing representative thesis, research achievements, and ranking selection.

This year, the final selected thesis was submitted by Professor Hwang Hyun-yong with the title of Toward better predictions of chemosensitivity: Comparative study of conventional and simulated chemosensitivity tests for bladder cancer cell lines.

Meanwhile, the Uidang Academic Award, which celebrated its 27th anniversary this year, is a prestigious award that selects and awards outstanding achievements among the theses related to laboratory medicine, hematology, and preclinical medicine published in academic journals. This award was established in honor of Uidang (a pseudonym), Dr. Ki-hong Kim, a pioneer in the field of laboratory medicine.

The award was held annually at the opening ceremony of the General Assembly of the Medical Association, but this year, it was held separately at 10 am on October 21st due to the COVID-19. At the awards ceremony, Choi Dae-jip (chairman of the Korean Medical Association) delivered the plaque, and Kim Dong-kook (head of the Uidang Academic Foundation) delivered the prize of 30 million won to Professor Hwang.

The prize winner Professor Hwang said “I am grateful for the Medical Association who encouraged medical scientists through the Uidang Academic Award and for the efforts of the Uidang Academic Foundation. I am honored as one of the medical scientists, and will continue to make efforts for the development of medical science.”

Professor Hwang Hyun-yong conducted a study entitled, Development of a Practical Approach to Anticancer Drug Sensitivity Test in Colorectal Cancer Cells through Comparative Analysis of Cell Survival and Expression of Cancer-related Genes, with the support of the Korea Research Foundation in 2008. He is an expert in the field of laboratory medicine, and devoting himself to anti-cancer drug sensitivity evaluation techniques for 12 years till today.

In addition, he has a history of writing a number of theses for evaluating the performance of newly developed specimen tests, and is a scholar who conforms to the purpose of the Uidang Academic Award, as his several SCI-level papers are cited in the theses of other researchers.



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