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Opening Ceremony of 2020 College Innovation Support Project Improvemen…2020년 09월 11일 [ 294 ]

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Kosin University reaffirmed their vision for future education in the on-tact era with the “Opening Ceremony of the 2020 University Innovation Support Project Improvement in Education Environment Lecture Rooms and Connected-K Innovation Media Center.” The opening ceremony of the Innovation Media Center was held as part of the 2020 University Innovation Support Project to improve lecture rooms in the educational environment and to communicate with the local community online.


Educational environment lecture rooms for curriculum reorganization and development are divided into “Major-Career Navigation” and “Expand Convergence” courses. A total of 14 lecture rooms have been newly improved, including nine departments of the College of Theology, College of Health and Welfare, and College of Medical Science, as well as convergence majors. Through this space, students will be able to be provided the feedback on educational activities and have school-work linked practice trainings, and it is expected to help them train their major-career through practicing medical management, hospital service, and EMR management practices and so on. In addition, the “Connected-K Innovation Media Center” was established to provide a channel to communicate with the local community, which will help students develop and grow their student competency through online content productions.


Kwon Mi-Ryang, director of the Innovation Performance Management Center, said, “We will continue to do our best to support capacity building for new value creation through innovation in major, liberal arts, and non-subject matter education course.”


President Ahn Min encouraged and said “I hope that it will be a space where everyone who will lead the next generation will grow in each field through the University Innovation Support Project. I appreciate for your dedication to a good education and hope that the talented people of Coram Deo, who serves the world through small fruits, will grow.”


On this day, the faculty members, Park Dae-Won, chairman of the student welfare committee, Moon Soo-Ho, director of the broadcasting station, and Park Sang-Eun, chairman of the public relations ambassador attended the ceremony. It was ended with a demonstration broadcast by the public relations ambassadors and a lecture room tour.



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