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Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Acquired WFOT Inter…2020년 08월 28일 [ 255 ]

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Kosin University Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, Dean Hong So-Yeong, acquired the International Education Certification from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, or WFOT. The curriculum of Kosin University will be recognized overseas as it is with the WFOT International Education Certification. In particular, it is the only four-year vocational rehabilitation counseling department in Busan that has an affiliated hospital, Kosin University Gospel Hospital, and has achieved certification in a short period of time by operating as an international curriculum recommended by WFOT since the opening of the department in 2015.

Kosin University Department of Vocational Rehabilitation showed excellent results of all the first graduates in 2019 passing the national exams and getting the national top, and also all the second graduates in 2020 passing the exam through the systematic operation of the international curriculum by professors with extensive clinical experience in occupational therapy and 1,000 hours of clinical practice at excellent institutions during their school years.

In addition, the quality of education is improved by securing an educational facility equipped with a sensory integrated therapy practice rooms, daily life movements and cognitive rehabilitation practice rooms, and basic medicine, and occupational therapy evaluation rooms.

Dean Hong So-Yeong of Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Department said “The certification of WFOT International Educational Curriculum means that Kosin University has been recognized as an institution that educates world-class occupational therapists. We will do our best to cultivate global talent with love and consilience intelligence.



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