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Kosin University Signs MOU with 18 Institutions of Busan Association o…2020년 08월 13일 [ 235 ]

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Kosin University, President Ahn Min, signed a business agreement with Busan Association of Youth Center, Chairman Park Yong-Ha, for the development of local communities and promotion of creative youth cultural activities at Kosin University Administration Building 4th floor at 3 pm on Thursday, August 13th. Busan Association of Youth Center consists of 18 institutions including Yangjeong Youth Center(Director Park Yong-Ha, Chairman), Geumgok Youth Center(Director Kim Gyu-Cheol, Vice Chairman), and Junggu Youth Culture Center(Director Kim Yong-Suk, vice-chairman).

Under the agreement, Kosin University and Busan Association of Youth Center will continue cooperation in developing and operating youth experience programs, operating youth career and college programs, and more.

Kosin University President Ahn Min said “I am grateful for the business agreement with the association that has the same goal and vision for fostering the right talents,” and added that he hopes the cooperation of the two institutions will change the next generation and future beautifully.

Busan Association of Youth Center Chairman Park Yong-Ha said that “Many people talk about the importance of youth education and youth activities, but few people actually listen to and encourage teenagers’ stories and programs. I look forward to Kosin University, which has a special eye for youth in line with the slogan of ‘New Start, Beautiful Companion,’ and which cultivates excellent leaders for the development of youth projects. I also want to ask to pay more attention to and reflect on the voice of youth in order to develop youth business.”


The two institutions share an awareness of the importance of local community development and creative local talent cultivation, and will make utmost efforts to work together and cooperate with each other in developing and operating various youth activity programs.

The list of 18 institutions of the Busan Association of Youth Center is as follows. Yangjeong Youth Center(Director Park Yong-Ha), Geumgok Youth Center(Director Kim Gyu-Cheol), Junggu Youth Culture Center(Director Kim Yong-Suk), Busanjingu Youth Center(Director Park Yong-Seong), Busanjingu Youth Culture Center(Director Han Dong-Seok), Sasanggu Youth Center(Director Yun Gyeong-Seon), Bukgu Youth Culture Center(Director Lee Hui-Seong), Hamjgol Youth Center(Director Jo Suk-Hui), Seogu Youth Culture Center(Director Kim Ji-Yeong), Haeundae Youth Center(Director Jo Geon), Suyeonggu Youth Culture Center(Director Heo Il-Su), Gudeok Youth Center(Director Gang Seon-Bong), Sahahu Yoth Culture Center(Director Gu Gyo-Yun), Geumnyeonsan Youth Camp(Director Bae Gwon-Su), Geumjeong Youth Center(Director Kim Gang-Im), Gijanggun Youth Center(Director Han Seong-Mu), Gijang Culture Etiquette School(Director Hwang Dong-Uk), and Busan TourismOrganization Arpina(CEO Jung Hui-Jun).




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