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Kosin University Hold the 1st Kosin Advanced Artist Diploma Completion…2020년 07월 31일 [ 376 ]

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The completion ceremony of the 1st Kosin KADD was held in the meeting room on the 4th floor of the Administration Building on Friday, July 31.

The ceremony was hosted by Chief Kim Seung-Hak, grad school, and progressed as following: prayer by Ryu Hwang-Geon, dean of Graduate School of Church Music, a report on the proceedings by Professor Hong Ji-Hye who is a singing coach, presentation of the certification and words of encouragement by President Ahn Min, greeting by Special Lecturer Samuel Youn, the responsible professor, celebration song by Luce. The 2020 Vocal Music Master Class, which held from May 14 to July 17, was taught by Samuel Youn, Kang Joseph, Lee Gyeong-Jae, Min Jeong-Gi, Lee Myeong-Ju, Go Seong-Hyeon, Kang Hye-Jeong, Jeong Ho-Yun, Kathleen Kim, Hong Seok-Won, and the Music Coach Master Class was taught by Hong Ji-Hye, Hong Seok-Won, and Adrien Perruchon.


President Ahn Min sent a warm message of blessing, saying “We prepared all the courses of the Kosin Advanced Artist Diploma. I was happy for 6 months together. I hope you'll be the ones who bear fruit on the path of the beginning.”

Special Lecturer Samuel Youn said “Congratulations to all of you who have walked the path of learning for half a year. Studying music is not a short-term learning. We will continue to do our best for your music study with world-class instructors.”


The list of graduates is as follows. Music Coaches: Go Eun-Jeong, Kim Mi-Gyeong, Park Seong-Mi, Bae Min-Suk, Lee Yeong-Hui, Cho Hye-Jin, Cha Eun, and Choi Min-Sun Vocal Music: Kang Ho-Jin, Kim Jong-Du, Sin Min-Won, Jeong Chan-Woo, Jeong Eun-i, Ha Dong-Hun, Hwang Yun-Jeong, Hwang Seong-A



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