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Professor Ha Seong-Man of Kosin University was Selected for Research P…2020년 07월 28일 [ 219 ]

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Professor Ha Seong-Man, University College, of Kosin University was selected to do “sightseeing” designated theme among the six categories of research projects for “Academic Stores to Solve Community Problems” research subject public contest. The research public contest project of Busan Institute for Talent & Lifelong Education, one of the affiliated organizations in Busan, was announced in July after application from 22 university in the city.


Professor Ha Seong-Man will study the possibility and revitalization of Busan's “Humanity and Tourism” industry from August to December with Dr. Lee Young-In, a co-researcher and Ph.D. in Christian Education at Kosin University, and Lee Gi-Bbeum, a research assistant and a senior of Department of Inter-Cultural Studies at Kosin University, under the title of “Storytelling Navigation Tour Package with Theme.”


Professor Ha understands this study as an important social participation opportunity for the Christian view of culture movement. This is because it is a research project of convergence studies in humanities and social sciences, and the “Humanities Tour Package Development Strategy” is linked to the real economy of Busan as a way to revitalize the local economy. It is also a study to confirm the possibility that the universal fairness and dynamism of Christian values can have a good influence on the community. Meanwhile, the status of tourism in Busan in 2019 before ‘COVID-19’ was centered around Gwangbok-dong, Nampo-dong, and Seomyeon. Last year, 25 million Koreans visited Busan and spent 4 trillion won, while 2.7 million tourists visited Busan from abroad and spent 500 billion won.



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