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Professors Choi, Park, and Jung, Selected For the NRF General Joint an…2020년 07월 08일 [ 198 ]

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Professor Choi Eun-A, Department of Child Welfare and Studies, of Kosin University was selected for the National Research Foundation of Korea 2020 General Joint Support Program in Humanities and Social Sciences. Professors Park Hye-Yeong, Graduate School Of Church Music, Music Therapy Major, and Jung Ju-Yeong, university college, were selected for the National Research Foundation of Korea 2020 Young Researcher’s Support Program.


Professor Choi Eun-A is conducting research under the title of “A Study on the Development of Culture-and-Arts-Based Teacher Education Program for the Development of Aesthetic Emotional Capacity of Early Childhood Teachers.” The study is carried out from July 1 this year to June 30, 2022. She said “Based on the theory and empirical research on the possibility of developing aesthetic emotional capacity of early childhood teachers, this research aims to present the concept of composition of aesthetic emotional capacity of early childhood teachers, and to develop a culture-and-arts-based teacher education program based on it, and to verify its effectiveness.”

The goals of this study are to define the role and competence of teachers who flexibly operate the curriculum so that toddlers can show their autonomy and initiative while feeling and expressing beauty in immersion and enjoyment through playing, to provide a culture-and-arts-based teacher education program that emphasize empathy and aesthetic sensitivity so that early childhood teachers can restore their awareness and sensitivity of beauty in their daily lives, to secure the validity of the program through basic research such as analysis of current state of teacher education, literature analysis, and demand analysis to cultivate aesthetic sensibility in order to provide basic data on the direction and composition of teacher education program development, to correct the aesthetic sensibility competencies scale and to study the validation for verifying the effectiveness on the change of aesthetic sensibility competencies of early childhood teachers, and to restore aesthetic sensibility within the teacher's repeated routine by supporting the aesthetic knowledge composition and aesthetic experience of the early childhood teacher through cultural and artistic experiences based on the theory of Greene (2001).


Professor Park Hye-Yeong is conducting a two-year study from May 2020 to April 2022 under the title of “Development of a Music-Color Combination Color Learning Protocol for the Visually Impaired.” She was selected for 2017 Young Researcher’s Support Program and 2018 Excellent Thesis Support Program.

She explained that “We will be developing a color learning protocol for visually impaired people and verifying its effectiveness based on the mechanism by which music-colored combination reactions can be sympathetically processed through music despite the neurological damage of visual limitation. In particular, we want to try to differentiate ourselves from traditional music-color combination research by using EEG, or Electroencephalogram, as a quantitative analysis tool.”

To this end, Professor Park plans to systematically develop the "music-color-combination" evidence-base color learning protocol and to scientifically verify the effectiveness of the protocol through EEG measurements. Through this, it helps visually impaired people to lead and efficiently learn color, and will provide useful base data that can contribute to the multisensory use of music in their lives.

According to Professor Park, with the recent development of brain-computer interfaces, sonification technology, in which visually impaired people recognize their surroundings with sound, is drawing attention. In particular, a study was conducted to identify the color and location of visual objects through a music-visual sensory transition approach. Therefore, for the visually impaired, music can be an educational, functional, social, and leisure means, as well as personal enjoyment, and can be used as a communication means to integrate into the general society.


Professor Jung Ju-Yeong, who majored in education(educational administration and higher education), is carrying out a study from May 1 this year to April 30, 2022 under the title of “An Analysis Study on the Experience and Conflict of Female Faculties at Four-Year College: Focusing on University Organization Culture and Glass Ceiling Phenomenon.” She was also selected for the 2018 Excellent Thesis Support Project. The title of the thesis is “Study on the Continuation of University Students' Study.”

According to Professor Jung, the meaning of assignment to a position as a professor is to be appointed to the positions of various administrative organizations and affiliated institutions of the university, in addition to the basic role of teaching students and studying academics. The main role of an assigned professor is to determine and implement the main policies of the university. This position is slightly different depending on the type and characteristics of the university's establishment, but most of them have strong administrative powers within the university.

Professor Jung revealed her plan saying “The drop in the proportion of women professors in the assigned professors means they are alienated from information and excluded from the decision-making process. In addition, the glass ceiling and glass cliff phenomena are continuously to be found in conjunction with the unique organizational culture of universities that has continued. This study intends to analyze in detail the experiences and conflicts of former female professors who have experienced being college administrative professors in the last 10 years and are currently employed in four-year universities in Korea, using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Through the study, Professor Jung plans to share empirical sharing with future female professors who will have an important influence in the decision-making of university policies. In addition, in the midst of the experiences and conflicts of female professors, she is trying to find the glass ceiling and glass cliff phenomenon arising from the culture of the university's administrative organization, and to agonize the organizational culture of universities as a way to resolve it. This is because the professor sees that it is possible to actively resolve the issue in the midst of the awareness of university members and a change in the organizational culture rather than treating the gender inequality as a matter of individual professors.



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