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Kosin Music Therapy Association, Securing Continuous Growth Engine by …2020년 06월 23일 [ 489 ]

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Kosin Music Therapy Association, President Ahn Min, was selected as the “2020 Planned Culture and Art Healing Program Support Project” hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and sponsored by Korea Arts & Culture Education. For the project, which conducts a music healing program for patients with schizophrenia, their families and emotional workers, they will receive a total of 32 million KRW for eight months from May to December this year. It is a project that helps participants develop their own psychological resources and restore their social roles through creative intervention in music. It is carried out by specialized institution-tailored development of Therapeutic Songwriting and Improvisation using musical psychotherapy techniques.

It was also selected as the “2020 Culture and Arts Support Project for the Disabled” by Korea Disability Arts & Culture Center, and will receive a total of 25 million KRW this year for the development of a culture and arts education program for the blind. This project is a national-level competition project, and the type of project that Kosin Music Therapy Association was selected is “Research and Development of Art Education for the Disabled,” the same as last year, which the selection rate is 28%.


In addition, the association was selected as the “2020 Visiting Cultural Activity Support Project(Planned Type)” of the Busan Cultural Foundation, and a total of 13 million KRW will be provided to the association for music healing projects targeting mobile workers of the Busan Mobile Workers Support Center Dodamdodam this year. Based on resource-oriented music healing, it provides a new context and environment for mobile workers to find their strengths and potential for development. The project is designed to identify the possibility of psychological healing through culture and arts, and to discover the underprivileged who experience crises in special environments and support their cultural and artistic healing activities in order to promote the mental health of Busan citizens and spread the social value of culture and arts.

Kosin Music Therapy Association is focusing on training music therapists with the Christian worldview as well as the development of music therapy in Korea, let by the current students and alumni of Kosin University Music Therapy Major. It is expected that the selection of successive projects in 2020 will continue to be a driving force for music therapists from Kosin University Music Therapy Major to serve the community and help restore the health of local residents.



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