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Kosin University Job Center and Department of Rehabilitation Counselin…2020년 06월 29일 [ 406 ]

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Kosin University Job Center, Chief Kim Jong-min, conducted non-face-to-face special lectures on career employment for the students of Rehabilitation Counseling Major on June 3rd and 4th.


In the lecture on the first day, Cho Shin-beom, a rehabilitation counselor who graduated from the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, was invited and had a lecture on “Job Rehabilitation Listening from Alumni.” The students learned and understood the cases in the site and what vocational rehabilitation is. Jung Mi-ra, who participated in the lecture said “Through the lecture, I was able to learn not only the concept of vocational rehabilitation but also the direction of my career after graduation. In addition, through the career of the lecturer, it was an opportunity to expand the understanding of qualifications required in the field, and to challenge myself.”


In the lecture on the second day, Park Ji-won, CEO of Gimhae Jangyu Senior Welfare Center, had a lecture on ‘Sign Language Interpreters in the Field.” Through the lecture, the students had the opportunity to understand the role of sign language interpreters, and the tasks of sign language and sign language interpreters through the cases. One of the students, Kim Sun-jin said “Through the lecture, I learned that it is a very difficult challenge for deaf people to adapt to society and learn Hangeul. I thought sign language was a language that was too difficult to approach, but I found it to be similar in shape to the words that we commonly use in our daily lives. It was a good time.”


Reflecting the demand for each department, the Special lecture on Career Employment Linked to Majors invites graduates and mentors of major related companies. The on and offline special lectures help the students choose their career path by allowing them to learn actual job skills from field experts.



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