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Busan Geoje Church Youth Group Delivered KF94 Mask Packages to Undergr…2020년 06월 01일 [ 337 ]

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Busan Geoje Church, Senior Pastor Ok Soo-seok, the youth group has sent warm love to the International students who are having difficulties studying in Korea due to the COVID-19 these days. The members of the youth group gathered their warm helping hand and delivered mask packages to foreign students in undergraduate courses. They also had a time of sharing to look back on their neighbors with love even in the hard situation cased by COVID-19.

The undergraduate foreign students expressed a special thanks to the youth group for some people were confirmed in other regions recently and it is the time when none of us can let down the guard against the virus. Among them, Yang Mong-eun, a Chinese student, who transferred to the Department of Occupational Therapy earlier this year after completing the Institute of Korean Language, thanked and said I was able to feel love and warmth when I received the mask that I needed the most at a time of COVID-19 when it became a daily necessity.


By Busan Geoje Church Youth Group delivering the KF94 mask packages to undergraduate International students through Kosin University Office of International Affairs, the delivery ceremony was a meaningful time to serve neighbors with love as their neighbors in this time of difficulties even though race, language, culture are all different.

In particular, the warm heart of serving each other as young people of the Kingdom of God is significant as it shows a bright tomorrow for Korean churches and global missionary works.



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