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IKLE International Students Experience Traditional Korean Culture2019년 02월 25일 [ 157 ]

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The Institute of Korean Language Education (IKLE, President Park Shin-Hyun) conducted "Traditional Korean Culture Experience" on February 25th for International students.

This event was designed to encourage the International students to make their academic life in Korea more precious and more meaningful by feeling the coming of spring. There was a total of 37 International students, Korean language instructors and IKLE staffs.

On this day, the students participated more enthusiastically as they learned how to wear Hanbok, a traditional Korean clothing, and basic Korean manners. By learning “woori galak” (traditional Korean music), they were able to finish up abundantly. Also, it was a meaningful time to learn Korea's ethnic spirit through representative Korean folk songs, Jeongseon Arirang and Milyang Arirang.

One of the students named Vo Thi Minh, a language trainee from Vietnam, said "The traditional Korean clothes were very beautiful and I am happy trying them on. I really wanted to ware Hanbok. Thank you for giving me a precious opportunity. It was also very fun to learn traditional Korean music."

On this day, all of the IKLE students wore Hanbok and took group photos, and finished the event. This cultural experience was greatly appreciated by the students as the time to make Korea more close to them by experiencing beautiful traditional Korean culture. 



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