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Daegu Gyeongbuk, Tears in Grace at the ‘Happy Concert with Kosin Unive…2019년 04월 02일 [ 258 ]

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Kosin University hosted ‘Happy Concert with Kosin University’ at Daegu Concert House Grand Hall on Thursday, May 2, sponsored by 5 Assembly of Presbyteries and the Presbyterian Elders in Daegu Kyungbuk Province, as well as with men’s and women’s associations and General Presbytery of Elders and Kosin Press. This concert was an opportunity to see the path of Kosin University, which was established by Kosin Churches, through the meeting of the school and the churches, gathering in prayer and love for the university.


Happy Concert, which was held as sponsorship night of Kosin University raising a warrior of faith to be responsible for the next generation. The concert offered joy and excitement to the congregation of churches in Daegu, and re-confessed the faith toward God. The concert was arranged to thank the supporters in Daegu for their love and dedication to Kosin University despite of various difficult circumstances.


The saints of Kosin Churches in Daegu, who attended the concert, shed tears and were touched by the performance of Pharos Choir and the alumni of the Music Majors. Also, they made up their minds to walk along with the work of Kosin University, a world mission-centered university that pays the debt of the gospel, to cultivate Christian talents, by praying and supporting.


The president of Kosin University Ahn Min said “I appreciate the 5 presbyteries and the institutions for hosting the Happy Concert. The impression that we felt while preparing for the sponsorship night was made possible by the prayers of the 350 Kosin Churches in Daegu. We felt the love and support of the churches more and more important.” He added, “We promise to be a Christian university that will nurture students who continue our faith and the faith of our ancestors as a school that will preserve the love and prayers of the churches, has a reason to exist in the last time.


The casts and the audience enjoyed God's grace by praising God with one heart.


Yoon Jin-bo, elder of Myongeok Church in Daegu, said “I thank God for opening Happy Concert in Daegu.” He added, “It was a wonderful night. It was the evening that the enthusiasm of the saints of Daegu for Kosin University was completely poured out.


Jeong Gwang-uk, senior pastor of Daehyeon Church in Daegu, commended that “It seemed that they prepared a lot. It was very touching,” and “I am grateful for President Ahn Min's vision for Kosin University, as well as opening a door for the church and school to meet.”


One of the performer Gye Eun-song, Junior Music Major at Kosin University, said “The Pharos Choir had a really meaningful time in Daegu applauding and praising with the members of Kosin Churches in Daegu.” She continued “We saw many audience crying and being moved, and we were so moved.”


Samuel Youn, a special professor at Kosin University stated that “I thank many people for coming to the concert. I'm sure many audience were moved received the grace through the concert. I hope you will continue to support and pray for Kosin University in the future as well."


Happy Concert started with the pianist Gwon Joon, a professor at Kosin University and a member of Busan Piano Trio, by playing ‘Gretchen am Spinnrade’ and ‘The Holy City.’

Then a piano trio violinist Jo Wan-su, a lecturer at Kosin University, a Cellist Kim Gi-do, a senior of Jeonju Symphony Orchestra, and a pianist Ahn Seon-ae, played ‘Primavera Portena’ from ‘The Four Seasons of Vuenos Aires(Las 4 Estaciones Portnas)’ and ‘God Watches Over You.’ With a piano accompaniment of Hong Ji-hye, a soprano singer Kim Na-yeong, a permanent member of Busan chorale, sang ‘He Is Exalted’ and ‘Caro nome from the opera Rigoletto.’ Then a saxophonist Lee Seong-gwan, a music director of Busan Saxophone Choir, sang and played ‘Loving You’ and ‘Holy Spirit Came Upon Us.’

Halfway through the concert the President Ahn Min gave a brief greeting saying “I thank all the Saints, including pastors, elders of Daegu Gyeongbuk Provinces, for coming to the concert without hesitation and I thank your prayers, love and support.” Then he continued “This past year, God has given us a wonderful grace. He made us been selected as a self-improvement university. Our school was established by Kosin Churches and we are growing in your prayers. We are working hard on the task of going toward the unfortunates, which is the reason God had founded our school. Thus, the administrative members are doing their best to cultivate the next generation to be disciples who go toward the unreached places.

After the President Ahn Min brief greeting, soprano Jeong Eun-mi, graduated Busan High School of Arts, and teaches Lifelong Education Center in Dong-Eui University, and Soko, a music director at Sajik Church, had a duet performing "Amazing Grace and Thank You Lord" with the piano accompaniment of Ahn Seon-ae, an lecturer of Kosin Graduate School and the president of Italian Music Society. Then with the piano accompaniment of Hong Ji-hye, a visiting professor of Accompaniment Major and the president of the International Accompaniment Association, bass baritone Samuel Youn, a special professor at Kosin University performed. The Lord Is My Shepherd, Non piu andrai from the opera The Marriage of Figaro. Following the applause of the audience and their request of encore, soprano Kim Na-young and bass baritone Samuel Youn sang passionately as a duet.

At the end the Pharos Choir sang ‘O, Holy Spirit,’ ‘Psalm 23,’ and ‘Jubilate Deo’ with Conductor Park Yong-seon, and ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and one more song with President Ahn Min as a conductor. Pharos Choir is a global choir group that is consists of not only Korean students of Music Major at Kosin University but also the students from Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa Burundi and Fiji.


Meanwhile, Happy Concert with Kosin University were held at Grand Theater of Geoje Arts Center at Thursday May 9th from 7:30 pm. Kosin University hosted the concert together with South Gyongnam Presbytery and its Presbyterian Elders and men’s and women’s association, and was supported by Kosin Press.



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