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Kosin University Shares the Joy of the Resurrection with Welfare Insti…2019년 04월 22일 [ 238 ]

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Kosin University Shares Love with 8 Social Welfare Centers



On April 22, in order to celebrate Easter and to convey the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Kosin University faculty members visited Wachi Social Welfare Center and eight other welfare centers in Yeongdo-gu to share the joy of resurrection with their neighbors. They prepared egg baskets and shoes for each institution and shared love.



President Ahn Min said that “I want you to remember to spread the Gospel of the resurrection, and to become a university where continues to love and share it.” He also thanked the employees who served with joy.



Kim Eun-jeong, the general secretary of the Blue Bird Home (Dean Park Geum-ju) thanked Kosin University that continue to show the interest and love toward the children. She also said that “The dedication of the Kosin University students to this school through practical training and part-time jobs is surprising to me.”



Kosin University has been holding various events since April to celebrate Easter. This coming Tuesday, on the 30th, a flea market will be held at Yeongdo Campus for helping neighbors in need.



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