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2nd Ebenezer College Concert “A song of Hope”2018년 11월 28일 [ 156 ]

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A concert filled with Hope & Comfort”

On the 28th of November 2018, students who are members of the Ebenezer College program performed 2 of Bach’s Violin Concerto’s at the hanbit lounge. The students performed the concertos   as good as violin music major’s. Members of the general assembly and students flocked into the lounge to witness the event. It was an emotional moment to see students showcase what they had learnt within 8 weeks. Everyone that attended this concert was filled with great emotions as each performance was well presented. 97 students signed up for the Ebenezer College program that consists of programs like English in Movies, soccer match between Professors & students, book club, violin, flute and vocal courses freely offered to all students. Our visiting guest for this event, The President of the General Assembly Kim Song Book (Yeonsan Jungang Church) was impressed with the effort that Kosin was imposing on what “True Education” is, especially during such significant era where job search is at its peak. Hong Hae Bin (Senior – 4th year) who had learnt violin was so thankful for such program because it meant so much to learn and experience new lessons regarding the Basics of playing an instrument. Miss Hong is also grateful to the music professors for sharing allowing her to have classes in the evening since all her lectures were in songdo campus.





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